Online Church Schedule 
Sunday Morning Service 10:30am.
Tuesday Night Weekly Women's Bible 6:30PM.  
Maunday Thursday Service 7pm. 
Good Friday Service 7pm. 
Easter Sunday Celebration Service 10:30am 
For Information on how to Join us Online, see instructions below. 
 You can Log on up to 15 minuets before Online starts  
  For Mobile Phones go to App store and download the free App: Zoom
  1. Visit or Click this link
  2.  Than password: godislove
  3.  If on a computer, it is possible to participate in a web browser without downloading an app -- although a plug-in may be required. It's up to you.
  4. Those without a computer, tablet, mobile phone, or internet can participate via audio by dialing 1-312-626-6799 and entering the Meeting ID: 763 856 3600.
  5. You may wish to have a hymnal handy. If you don't have a hymnal at home we will make arrangements for you to swing by the church building before Sunday and grab one.
  6. Expect that you might experience audio or video or connectivity problems. Don't worry and don't give up -- you WILL become more proficient and it WILL be worth it!
  7. If you have external speakers, ensure they are NOT pointing at your microphone. If you are participating solo, a pair of headphones are quite useful.
  8. When you enter the "room" please mute your mic and unmute only when you're ready to speak.
  9. We will need to take turns talking. Please follow the lead of the moderator.
  10. There is a chat feature in the sidebar where we can send notes to one person or the entire group.


We are continuing Thursday Morning Faith Pantry but it is Drive-thru Only starting at 9am.



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