Have you ever wondered why healing miracles were common back in

Bible days, but not now? God hasn’t changed!
 Come explore the truth of His Word and learn why and how to experience your
own miracles of healing. Along the way, you will experience God’s love and
grace in a new and powerful way.
Section 1: Expect will build your faith to believe for healing.
Section 2: Experience will help you receive your healing.
Section 3: Empower will inspire you to minister healing to others with confidence.
Check out some of the healing testimonies from people who have been through Charis Bible College training: Healing Journeys   CLICK HERE

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How much does it cost?
2. How many sessions are there?
3. What should I do if I can’t commit to the entire course?
4. What are the sessions like?
5. Is there homework? Are there tests?
6. What should I bring?
7. What if I miss a class?
8. What time does it start?
9. Is there an online option?
10. Do I need to register?
11. Is this limited to church members?
12. Who are the instructors?
13. I have another question. How do I contact you?
1. In-person participants are asked to bring $20 to the first session, but no one will be turned away due to inability to contribute.
2. Healing University will run through the autumn of 2021. There will be no sessions on holiday weeks /weekends.
3. Come and give it a try! The first nine sessions are the most important. There are options to make up missed classes. Of course, you can drop out at any time if it isn’t right for you, and any money you contributed will be refunded.
4. Each session will consist of, at a minimum, a video lesson and general or small group discussion. The lessons are presented by a team of instructors who teach about healing based on Biblical concepts, and who have experienced and ministered healing themselves.
5. There is no homework that needs to be turned in. Participants will receive handouts with topics for personal reflection. There are no tests.
6. Please bring your own Bible, pen or pencil, and a notebook or journal. Extras will also be available for your use.
7. If a class is missed, an MP3 audio file of the lesson can be sent so you can listen to the teaching from that week. If you normally attend on Thursdays, you may have the opportunity to join the Saturday online session that week.
8. In-person classes will be held on Thursdays at 6:30 pm. You may arrive as early as 6:15.
Zoom video classes will be held on Saturdays beginning at 8 a.m. You may join the call up to 10 minutes early.
9. Healing University will be offered on Saturday mornings via Zoom beginning Oct 3. To participate, you will need a PC, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. Use a bigger device for optimal experience.
10. Registration is required so we can plan for materials, space, and leaders. You can register either for in-person or online. Please register by Saturday, September 26 by emailing your name and email address to HealingUFaith@gmail.com, or call 763-250-7001. Once we have your email address, additional information will be sent via email.
11. Healing University is open to anyone who wants to attend! Feel free to invite friends, neighbors, and family members.
12. The video lessons are taught by a variety of instructors who have dedicated their lives to teaching and demonstrating the power of the Word of God. In addition, there will be in-person leaders to guide discussion, answer questions, and pray for you.
Video lessons by:
· Andrew Wommack
· Carlie Terradez
· Greg Mohr
· Barry Bennett
· Duane Sheriff
· Carrie Pickett
· Daniel Amstutz
13. Email HealingUFaith@gmail.com or call 763-250-7001 to register or ask questions.